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Harpoon is a simple Go program that listens for GitHub hooks like push on specific git repository refs and execute a defined command when it occurs.

It can be configured in a TOML configuration file.

That’s nothing fancy, just didn’t want to install the whole nodejs + npm or Apache + PHP just for this.


go get github.com/agrison/harpoon
go build

Add it to your path if you want.



You must have a config.toml file located in your directory.

This is a sample TOML file:

port = 9001
addr = ""
# tunneling stuff
tunnel = true
tunnelName = "foobarbazz"

cmd = "echo"
args = "Push!"

cmd = "echo"
args = "Watch!"

As you can see events and refs can be configured in the events TOML table section.

These keys have the following format events.{event}:{repository}:{ref} where {event} refers to a GitHub WebHook event like push, watch, pull_request, …; {repository} is the GitHub repository name and {ref} refers to a ref in your git repository like refs/heads/master or refs/tags/v0.0.1.

For the above example, it will echo Push! when something has been pushed to the develop branch of your GitHub repository. It will also echo Watch! if someone stars it.


Tunneling can be enabled using localtunnel.me, you just have to enable it in the config.toml and indicate a desired subdomain using the tunnelName field. If no tunnelName is provided then localtunnel.me will give you a random subdomain, this subdomain is printed in the console logs.

Really running


or to have it verbose (use -vt also if you want logs about localtunnel.me):

harpoon -v

It will output something like this when running:

   / /_  ____ __________  ____  ____  ____
  / __ \/ __ `/ ___/ __ \/ __ \/ __ \/ __ \
 / / / / /_/ / /  / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ / / / /
/_/ /_/\__,_/_/  / .___/\____/\____/_/ /_/
    Listening on

push detected on foo/bar with ref refs/heads/develop with the following commits:
    2016-03-08 13:59:38 +0100 CET - adding some awesomeness by Foo Bar
    2016-03-08 13:59:57 +0100 CET - forgot the unicorn png by Foo Bar
    2016-03-08 14:01:12 +0100 CET - so much joy in one commit by Foo Bar
> Push!

Obviously, the command should be something like /path/to/pull-build-n-deploy.sh where some awesome stuff is going on. Like something involving git, maven, rake, npm, bower, I don’t know, this is your job :)


POST requests made by GitHub are validated against the X-Hub-Signature if the environment variable GITHUB_HOOK_SECRET_TOKEN is set. It must be the same as the one defined on the GitHub’s WebHook page.




Alexandre Grison - //grison.me - @algrison