June 1, 2015

Popcorn Recall: one day hack with ionic

PopCorn Recall is an ionic application whose goal is to recall movies you wanted to see but didn’t.

It searches for movies on IMDb via omdbapi.com

It’s a one night dev project, it certainly misses some love to shine.

How to use

git clone https://github.com/agrison/recall-popcorn.git
cd recall-popcorn

ionic run android
# or
ionic run ios


Splashscreen PopCorn image come from DeviantArt by natalia-factory: http://www.deviantar.com/art/Pop-Corn-84989054

Movie information comes from IMDb via the use of the REST API at omdbapi.com



Search for The Godfather

Search detail

Dashboard updated after adding The Godfather

Dashboard Action Call on The Godfather

Dashboard detail on the Godfather


More to come, I’m working from time to time on an application to import the whole IMDB database into Neo4J, just for fun as always.

Enjoy :)

Alexandre Grison - //grison.me - @algrison