September 12, 2014

Forking JOhm


JOhm is a blazingly fast Object-Hash Mapping library for Java inspired by the awesome [Ohm][1]. The JOhm OHM is a modern-day avatar of the old ORM’s like Hibernate with the difference being that we are not dealing with an RDBMS here but with a NoSQL rockstar.

JOhm is a library for storing objects in [Redis][2], a persistent key-value database. JOhm is designed to be minimally-invasive and relies wholly on reflection aided by annotation hooks for persistence. The fundamental idea is to allow large existing codebases to easily plug into Redis without the need to extend framework base classes or provide excessive configuration metadata.

Durable data storage is available via the Redis Append-only file (AOF). The default persistence strategy is Snapshotting.

About this fork

The original JOhm is not maintained anymore, there’s a lot of useful pull requests that are not being merged and the author is not responding.

I need JOhm in my projects, so I forked it and will maintain it myself. Go ahead if you have pull requests to merge from the original repository, I will merge them asap.

I’ve already added support for enums, dates and some improvements like ignoring some field retrieval. I also already merged PR 39 which is useful for querying on multiple fields at the same time.

Use this fork

I will release a version of this JOhm fork every time I fix a bug or merge a PR. In order to use this fork you need to add a custom maven repository in your pom.xml:


Then just add the dependency to this JOhm version, last released version is currently 0.6.4 (last snapshot is 0.6.5-SNAPSHOT):


JOhm currently uses Jedis 2.7.0

You can find the fork on my Github.

Alexandre Grison - // - @algrison