February 23, 2013

Releasing Some Code

Releasing Some Code

I‘ve been holding on my [New Year Resolutions][1] lately.

I have released some code to [GitHub][2], more precisely [jssg][3], [legacy4j][4].

JToml: TOML for Java

Yesterday while reading [Hacker News][5] a thread about [TOML][6] appeared and since there were no parser available in Java for the moment, I decided to create one, so if it can be of any use sooner or later (personal and work), it would be already done.

I have already commited the code to the [JToml github repository][7], and it supports (as for now) the whole specification made by Tom Preston-Werner on the official TOML webpage.

Don‘t hesitate to fork/pull/whatever the code and add more features, more tests, enhancements and correct bugs if you find some. I will update the repository as the TOML specification goes on.


I have stopped my work on peculium for the moment (not released) as I‘m learning a whole bunch of stuff on [AngularJs][8], [EmberJs][9], [KnockoutJs]10 and I prefer to know more of them before developing too much and making too much mistakes due to my limited knowledge of all these JS frameworks.

I‘m thinking of EmberJs for the moment since I find the REST support pretty cool (fetching related entities), Entities ala JPA (with ManyToOne and so on), and the [Ember-Table][11] seems insanely great (I need frozen columns for Peculium).


So before doing too much mistakes in Peculium, I had an idea of a spin-off of Peculium using the same technologies, but easier on the UI, to manage my body weight and BMI.

So I‘ve been going on Google, asking for it to translate weight and diet to Latin.

I don‘t know anything about Latin (except for the language of the [Anquietas][12] in Stargate), but Gravitas sounds cool.

Hopefully, I‘ll be working on that for the following weeks, and I hope I will be able to release some code.

Enjoy :)

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