My name is Alexandre aka Alex, I’m a 33 years old (and counting) Senior Software Engineer/Solutions Architect/Jack of all trades Developer/You name it working in Luxembourg, and living in Metz, France.

Up to now, I‘ve accumulated a few passions that you will be able to glimpse below.


I‘ve made it my job, I like it a lot. Coding, Agile and other hype buzzwords that looks good on CV.

I‘m into almost everything IT, but my primary passion is development. Mainly Java, spring and whatever emerge in that ecosystem.

I also like other stacks and languages like Clojure, Scala, Go, Python, OCaml, iOS stuff and whatever is buzzing or catch my attention, which means a lot of stuff.


Like a lot of people, I do like sport, many of them of course, but mainly:

  • Badminton
  • Squash
  • Running


With my Canon 6D and few lenses I try to capture all I can as well as possible. I sometimes post some photos on my 500px account.


Like everybody nowadays, I‘ve got a facebook page, a twitter account, a 500px one, a linkedin page and a github repository.

This site

I‘ve crafted a lot of sites already, using custom solutions with PHP (ah early 2000), Django, Play! Framework, and popular systems like dotclear, WordPress and static site generators like Jekyll.

The previous++ version of this site was using Jekyll and while updating it I took a look at alternatives like nanoc, but I finally wrote my own just because I can and because there was no static site generator written in Java that I could find.

I named this generator Jssg, it’s written in Java, taking advantage of its enormous existing ecosystem. It uses well known and largely used libraries, which means that if the application crash, it will be very often my own fault. My generator is simpler than Jekyll because it does only have the features I need the most.

And.. IT being chaos at the end of the day, I finally decided to use WordPress 😀

Then to move to Hugo. Seriously, this is endless 😅


Alexandre Grison - //grison.me - @algrison